We are looking for teachers for the following languages: English (Business/Tech English), German, French and Czech for Foreigners. Please apply with CV at coordinator@panoramaila.cz.

Keeping a client is more important than getting a new one!

Panorama offers its marketing service to its clients only. Our goal is to introduce you to effective and low-cost means of looking after your existing clients and to introduce your products and/or services to other entities in the country.

How do we help our clients?

  • by introducing you to reliable and cost effective suppliers
  • by helping you market your products/services to industry specific clients
  • by guiding you in your “market awareness” strategy
  • by introducing great marketing products/complimentary gifts at low cost
  • by offering you excellent design options for your logo/signboards at low cost
  • by giving you a great and cost-effective alternative to designing your web pages
  • and all against NO FEE to our clients!

Our offered services:

  • Fleet cars suppliers (Ford, Škoda, VW, Audi, KIA)
  • Equipment suppliers (Hydraulics, IT, Office Furniture, Electronics/PC)
  • Real Estate (Elite Real)
  • Marketing Specialist (to promote your company)
  • Print material (with company logo)
  • Promotional gifts and Xmas cards
  • Signboards and billboards
  • Web pages (from design to text to uploading)

Why Panorama?

  • do you want a tailored service?
  • do you want to pay a reasonable charge against quality service?
  • are you hesitant about going to big marketing companies?
  • do you want peace of mind?
  • do you want practical solutions to your needs/wishes?

If the answer(s) is/are yes to the above, then try Panorama. We cooperate with reputable industry suppliers who will give a special price and personal attention to your needs.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond to you within 48 hours!

Remember: It is never business as usual!

Our partners

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