We are looking for teachers for the following languages: English (Business/Tech English), German, French and Czech for Foreigners. Please apply with CV at coordinator@panoramaila.cz.

Prestigious, enjoyable, affordable!

The checklist:

  • I want to organise a memorable event for our employees
  • I want to hold a teambuilding event that is enjoyable, exciting and healthy, and one that bonds my team further
  • I want to arrange an Open Day event for our local community
  • I would like to arrange a formal/informal kick-off event
  • I would like to host a high profile business visit
  • I want to organise a great Christmas event
  • And within my budget!
Leave it to us and we will arrange all for you! 

Panorama can arrange and organise any of the above company events for you where professionalism is matched with very affordable charges. We have exclusive agreements with great partners such as Conrescom, Radio Hana, Omega, NH Hotels, etc., and together with our own experience in this field we can organise a memorable event for you. We do all the work so that your people can carry on with the business tasks at hand!

About our events:

  • meticulous planning
  • attention to every detail
  • full cost breakdown
  • no hidden charges
  • transportation/accommodation/catering arranged
  • event organiser onsite
  • contingency planning
  • close cooperation with client
Whatever your needs, simply contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you with complete information.

Our partners

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