We are looking for teachers for the following languages: English (Business/Tech English), German, French and Czech for Foreigners. Please apply with CV at coordinator@panoramaila.cz.

Your text fine-tuned and polished!


Our outputs, whether budget translations or high quality business translations, are always correct in intent and terminology. However, you may want to have a perfect output for purposes such as:

  • Precision and modern contract language
  • Perfected text for publication
  • Current language trend from the perspective of reader (manuals)
  • Specialised texts (medical, research, financial reports, brochures, etc.)

Best deal from Panorama!

  • All outputs into the Czech language checked free of charge
  • Final outputs into English charged at industry low price of CZK 40-60 per page!!!
  • Final outputs into other languages charged at nominal price
  • Free correction of English text translated by us for key accounts!!!
  • Correction of texts not translated by us charged from CZK 120 per page 


Proofreading differs from correction of texts as it focuses on checking the factual content and language quality. Correction, in contrast, aims at checking the language quality and intent only.

Our proof readers are industry specific and have years of experience. Panorama specialises in proofreading contractual, financial, medical, and technical texts. Even for Czech as the target language, we have Czech linguists who proof read the final output meticulously.

Charge for proofreading varies from language to language (Panorama only uses experienced native proof readers).

For English, the charge ranges from CZK 120 to 250 per page depending upon the demanding nature of the job and the text category.

Simply contact us on 585 002 827 or write to us direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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